The Boss wants a new Boss!

Springsteen draws 100,000 to cheer Kerry
Bruce Springsteen sent megastar wattage pumping through John Kerry’s presidential campaign Thursday, rocking crowds of over 100,000 people in swing states Wisconsin and Ohio.
“The Boss,” famed for hits including Born in the USA, said the Democratic candidate had lived his country’s history and was a guardian of the gritty working folk and American fables that people his songs.
In Madison, Wisconsin, thousands of spectators packed balconies on neat wooden houses along a mile-long stretch of road climbing up the Midwest state’s white Capitol, packed with what fire chiefs said was at least 80,000 people.
“As a songwriter I’ve written about America for 30 years, tried to write about who we are, what we stand for, and what we fight for,” said Springsteen, who has never before endorsed a presidential candidate.
Springsteen said Kerry shared his fight for “human principles” of economic justice, healing the sick, healthcare, feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, and a “sane foreign policy.”
“I believe that Senator Kerry honors these ideals. He has lived our history over the past 50 years. He has an informed and adult view of America and its people.”
“He’s shown us starting as a young man that by facing America’s hard truths, both the good and bad that that’s where we find a deeper patriotism,” the rocker said, as golden leaves floated from the trees onto his stage.