Mark November 8th on your calendar!

David Letterman to Appear on ‘Regis’
NEW YORK – David Letterman, who infrequently appears on anyone’s show but his own, will make a guest appearance next month on “Live With Regis and Kelly.” Letterman, host of CBS’ “Late Show,” will appear on Nov. 8, the syndicated morning talk show said Tuesday.
“I think it’s nice that he visits our show once every 10 years,” co-host Regis Philbin told The Associated Press by phone. “But I’m very pleased.”
Philbin and Letterman have long traded friendly barbs. He subbed for Letterman in 2000 when the late-night host underwent heart bypass surgery and again in 2003 while Letterman recuperated from an eye infection.
About their friendship, Philbin says, “that’s the problem. We’re great friends when I go on his show and then I leave and I don’t hear from him. But I’m going to settle that on my home ground.”
In anticipation of the event, “Live,” with Kelly Ripa as co-host, has released its own Top Ten list, with reasons why Letterman is appearing on the show. Among them: “Thinks Kelly is hot” and “Wants to return Regis’ copy of `Deuce Bigalow’ in person.”