100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can’t Be Wrong, or can we.

Rarities Highlight Bon Jovi Box
NEW YORK (Billboard) – “I Get a Rush,” “Miss Fourth of July” and “Garageland” are a few of the previously unreleased cuts that will highlight the forthcoming five-disc box set “100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can’t Be Wrong.”
Due Nov. 16 via Island, the set will feature 38 recordings that have never seen the light of day, 12 rare non-album tracks and a DVD of previously unseen interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.
The songs on the box cover 1985 to 2003 and include dozens of leftover tracks from recording sessions for Bon Jovi albums. Other songs set for inclusion are “Why Aren’t You Dead?,” “The Radio Saved My Life Tonight,” “Outlaws of Love,” “We Rule the Night” and “Rich Man Living in a Poor Man’s House,” which Jon Bon Jovi wrote with former Eurythmics principal Dave Stewart.
The set will come with a 64-page book featuring fan testimonials and “personal content” compiled by the band.
With the release of “100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can’t Be Wrong,” the band is launching American XS Platinum, a premium level of membership in its fan program that allows participants to gain access to exclusive footage online as well as passwords for pre-sales on concert tickets.
Here is the track listing for “100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can’t Be Wrong”:
Disc one:
“Why Aren’t You Dead?” (outtake, 1994)
“The Radio Saved My Life Tonight” (outtake, 1992)
“Taking It Back” (outtake, 1992)
“Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night (Demo)” (demo, 1994)
“Miss Fourth of July” (outtake, 1992)
“Open All Night” (outtake, 1994)
“These Arms Are Open All Night” (outtake, 1998)
“I Get a Rush” (outtake, 1996)
“Someday Just Might Be Tonight” (outtake, 1999)
“Thief of Hearts” (outtake, 2003)
“Last Man Standing” (outtake, 2003)
“I Just Want to Be Your Man” (outtake, 1994)
Disc two:
“Garageland” (outtake, 1999)
“Starting All Over Again” (bonus track for Japan release, 1992)
“Maybe Someday” (outtake, 1999)
“Last Chance Train” (outtake, 1998)
“The Fire Inside” (outtake, 1994)
“Every Beat of My Heart” (outtake, 1992)
“Rich Man Living in a Poor Man’s House” (outtake, 1998)
“The One That Got Away” (outtake, 1999)
“You Can Sleep While I Dream” (outtake, 1999)
“Outlaws of Love” (outtake, 1992)
“Good Guys Don’t Always Wear White” (“The Cowboy Way” soundtrack, 1994)
“We Rule the Night” (outtake, 1985)
Disc three:
“Edge of a Broken Heart” (from “Disorderlies” soundtrack, 1986)
“Sympathy” (outtake, 1992)
“Only in My Dreams” (outtake, 1994)
“Shut Up and Kiss Me” (outtake)
“Crazy Love” (outtake, 1998)
“Lonely at the Top” (B-side, 1995)
“Ordinary People” (B-side, 1999)
“Flesh and Bone” (outtake, 1994)
“Satellite” (outtake, 1999)
“If I Can’t Have Your Love” (unreleased Richie Sambora (news) solo track)
“Real Life” (“EDTV” soundtrack, 1999)
“Memphis Lives in Me” (from musical “Memphis,” 2003)
“Too Much of a Good Thing” (outtake, 1999)
Disc four:
“Love Ain’t Nothing But a Four Letter Word” (outtake, 1992)
“Love Ain’t Nothing But a Four Letter Word” (demo, 1992)
“River Runs Dry” (outtake, 1996)
“Always” (demo, 1994)
“Kidnap an Angel” (outtake, 1999)
“Breathe” (B-side, 2002)
“Out of Bounds” (outtake, 1986)
“Letter to a Friend” (outtake, 1994)
“Temptation” (B-side, 2000)
“Gotta Have a Reason” (outtake, 1993)
“All I Wanna Do Is You” (outtake)
“Billy” (outtake, 1992)
“Nobody’s Hero” (outtake, 1994)
“Livin’ on a Prayer” (demo, 1986)