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Jagger Excited About New Stones Album
NEW YORK (Reuters) – Mick Jagger is on a major songwriting roll, penning new tunes for an upcoming Rolling Stones album and basking in the glow of praise for the soundtrack he helped create for the upcoming film, “Alfie.”
Jagger, famed frontman of the Stones, teamed with Eurythmics co-founder Dave Stewart to write and perform 13 songs for the film, including the haunting “Old Habits Die Hard,” which will be released by Virgin Records on Oct. 19 as the first single from the soundtrack CD.
“I just tried to make the music work for the film, and also stand on its own,” Jagger told Reuters in an interview on Friday.
“It’s music to be listened to and also has to be music that you can watch the film by without getting jarred — the music working for the film and moving in the same direction.”
The movie, a remake of the 1966 “Alfie,” stars Jude Law in the title role along with Susan Sarandon and Marisa Tomei. It opens in the United States on Oct. 22.
Jagger, 61, said he is immersed again in writing.
“I’ve been writing new songs for the Rolling Stones’ next album. We just started, and it will be out sometime next year. We’ll start recording in November,” Jagger said.
“It should be good. I’ve been writing the last month for that, and I’m quite excited by what I’ve got so far.”
Jagger said the Stones will be delivering some new music next month, with the release of a double CD live recording.
“One is unknown songs, and the other CD is familiar tunes,” he said.
The new “Alfie” soundtrack also features performances by Sheryl Crow and Joss Stone.