To quote “Pulp Fiction”, He was the one with the shit in his face.

Jacob eliminated on Canadian Idol; Kalan Porter, Theresa Sokyrka remain
TORONTO (CP) – Jacob Hoggard, one of the most outrageous and entertaining singers to take the stage on Canadian Idol, gave a performance that “rocked” Thursday night before becoming the latest contestant to be eliminated from the program.
Hoggard, 19, an apprentice carpenter from Abbotsford, B.C., was praised for his energetic rendition of I Want You To Want Me, and several of the judges urged him to call as soon as he’s ready to start recording.
“I’ve been doing this for 23 years, and nobody, nobody excites me the way you’ve been exciting me every single week, and we’re really going to miss you,” said judge Jake Gold.
“Anytime you want to make a record, you know where to find me, buddy.”
Hoggard, who sports a lip ring and has been known to shock and surprise by, for instance, licking loser host Ben Mulroney’s ear on the show and wearing unusual outfits, thanked his supporters, adding “don’t stop supporting me because the end of the show is the beginning of me.”
With Hoggard’s departure, the stage is now set for next week’s finale, pitting Theresa Sokyrka, 23, the “prairie girl” from Saskatoon, against Kalan Porter, 18, who comes from a ranch near Medicine Hat, Alta.
Altogether, about 3.7 million votes were cast Wednesday night by viewers via telephone and text messaging. Mulroney said the tally broke the Canadian Idol record.