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Bon Jovi Empties Vaults for Boxed Set
NEW YORK (Billboard) – Bon Jovi is raiding its vaults for a boxed set boasting three discs of previously unreleased material, a disc of previously released rare tracks and a DVD of unseen film and video footage.
The package, dubbed “100 Million Bon Jovi Fans Can’t Be Wrong,” is due out Nov. 16 via Island Records.
Among the vault tracks set for inclusion are “Gotta Have a Reason,” “Why Aren’t You Dead?” and “One to Say Goodbye.” The set will also revive such cuts as “Real Life” (from the 1999 “EDTV” soundtrack), “Good Guys Don’t Always Wear White” (from the 1994 “The Cowboy Way” soundtrack), the B-side “Temptation” and a demo of the 1994 No. 4 pop hit “Always” will also be featured.
The liner notes for “100 Million” will be bolstered with reminiscences from fans, which the band is soliciting via e-mail at