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‘Exorcist,’ ‘Paddle’ Battle for Late-Summer Scraps
LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – As far as the box office is concerned, summer’s over.
Neither of this weekend’s two wide arrivals, the Paramount Pictures comedy “Without a Paddle” and Warner Bros. Pictures’ “Exorcist: The Beginning,” is likely to reach the heights typical of summer openers. Insiders forecast they will each earn in the low-teen millions for the three-day frame.
That means 20th Century Fox’s “Alien vs. Predator” could rank No. 1 for a second weekend, even though it’s expected to lose 60% of its audience. The double-franchise thriller, which scored $38.2 million in its opening frame, is likely to gross in the $13 million-$15 million range.
Meanwhile, Disney’s “The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement,” which bowed in No. 2 with $23 million last weekend, should take in $11 million-$13 million this time.
If there is a glut in the weekend’s fare, it’s the number of films targeting young males. “AVP” brought in droves of them last weekend, with its audience comprising 70% males. This weekend, those fans will be courted by both Renny Harlin’s “Exorcist” prequel and the goofball comedy “Paddle,” starring Seth Green, Matthew Lillard, Dax Shepard and Burt Reynolds.
For the R-rated “Exorcist,” which will bow in 2,803 theaters, Warners is counting on a tremendous U.S. fan base that has found the original “Exorcist” from helmer William Friedkin to be one of the scariest horror films of all time. First released in 1973, then reissued in 2000 in a director’s cut, the original “Exorcist” has grossed $232.7 million in its lifetime. Starring Stellan Skarsgard as Father Merrin, the prequel centers on his first encounter with the demon Pazuzu.
The film was originally directed by Paul Schrader (“American Gigolo”), but that version was scrapped after Morgan Creek Prods. judged that it wasn’t scary enough. Both versions of the film are expected to be included in the DVD release.
Paramount’s “Paddle,” bowing in 2,730 theaters with a PG-13 rating, is targeting young males with its three comedic leads facing off against the forces of nature on a camping trip gone bad. The film was directed by Steven Brill, who helmed the Adam Sandler films “Little Nicky” and “Mr. Deeds.”
Another contender is Lions Gate’s expansion of “Open Water.” Advertised as the scariest shark film since “Jaws,” “Water” expands to 2,709 theaters this weekend. The low-budget film has made $2.5 million since it opened in 47 theaters two weeks ago and is hoping to capitalize on the buzz about its harrowing tale of two stranded scuba divers.
Fox Searchlight’s “Garden State” also widens Friday. The indie fave from actor-writer-director Zach Braff has earned $3.3 million since opening July 28. The R-rated film co-starring Natalie Portman and centering on Braff’s character’s return home for a funeral is expanding to 652 theaters.
In limited release, Paramount Classics will bow “Mean Creek,” an R-rated teen drama starring Rory Culkin from first-time writer-director Jacob Estes. The film has played to positive reviews at the Sundance, Cannes and Los Angeles film festivals.
Latino film company Arenas Entertainment unfurls its first nationwide release, “Nicotina,” in 104 theaters today. Starring Diego Luna (“Y Tu Mama Tambien”), it was Mexico’s top-grossing film last year.