Personally, I’m on my way to Vulcan next week!

Reports of Captain Kirk beaming back up onto “Star Trek” again are getting stronger.
A trailer for the new season of UPN’s “Enterprise” showing William Shatner reprising his famous role as the maverick starship captain was shown to a select few at the CBS Television City Research Center in Las Vegas last week, according to sources.
UPN officials declined to comment yesterday.
Shatner is in talks with “Enterprise” producers Rick Berman and Brannon Braga to appear on the show next season but is currently locked up in a contract with “Boston Legal,” ABC’s spin-off of “The Practice.”
But as the talks have heated up, insiders say network officials wanted to see how audiences would react to Kirk’s possible return. So a trailer for the new season was made and footage from one of Shatner’s “Star Trek” movies was added.
In several interviews, the producers have made no secret of their zeal to land Shatner for next season. Shatner himself is said to have come up with a Kirk storyline and approached Berman and Braga with it.
Although “Enterprise” is set more than a century before Kirk is born, the series’ main plot has included a storyline revolving around time travel and a “temporal war” between enemies from different times.