The Simpsons

Well Harry, it still makes me laugh!

Mr Burns’ voice slams The Simpsons
The actor behind The Simpsons’ evil millionaire Mr Burns and Homer’s annoying neighbour Ned Flanders has slammed the comedy, claiming the last three seasons of the hit animation have been the “worst”.
Voiceover star Harry Shearer believes the 15-year-old show is beginning to run out of ideas and he is getting bored providing the speech for Flanders, Burns and his assistant Waylon Smithers, Reverend Lovejoy and Principal Skinner.
Shearer says: “It makes me sad. They used to have whole scenes. Season four looks very good to me now. I’d rather not be there right now. Fortunately I’m doing a lot of other things.”
The “This Is Spinal Tap” funnyman has angrily denied reports the cast threatened to strike over a pay dispute earlier this year.
He explains: “We were never on strike. The day those stories appeared, I was at Fox doing vocal services for that week’s show.
“What I can say is that’s possible to make a very nice living and still get totally screwed.”