Sorry SNL!

Clinton: No to ”SNL,” yes to ”Daily Show” — The ex-president’s late-night comedy tour continues with a visit to Jon Stewart on Monday.
Here’s the latest set of presidential endorsements: a ”yes” vote for David Letterman and Jon Stewart, and a ”no” vote for ”Saturday Night Live.” The endorser here is ex-president Bill Clinton, whose current whistle-stop tour of late-night comedy venues (in apparent support of his bestselling memoir, ”My Life”) includes campaign stops at Dave’s ”Late Show” and Jon’s ”Daily Show,” but not ”SNL.” NBC revealed earlier this week that the weekend comedy mainstay had offered Clinton the opportunity to serve as guest host during an episode of his choosing this coming season, but a show spokesperson told the Associated Press on Friday that Clinton has declined the offer.
If Clinton hasn’t wanted to act in sketches, he’s still been willing to let comedians pepper him with interview questions. He’ll visit Stewart’s show on Monday, Aug. 9, less than a week after his Aug. 3 appearance on ”Late Show,” which gave Dave his biggest audience since March, when Janet Jackson granted him her first post-Super Bowl TV interview. Comedy Central is surely counting on a similar ratings windfall on Monday. As for the ”SNL” producers, we feel your pain.