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‘Batman Begins’ Trailer Gives Glimpse of Cowl
LOS ANGELES ( – Warner Bros. has sent out the bat signal. The first teaser trailer for the highly anticipated “Batman Begins” is now available for public delectation.
The fifth Caped Crusader installment revisits the mythos behind the comic book superhero. “Batman Begins” explores why Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) is driven to take up the cowl for his own particular brand of vigilantism in Gotham.
Little is known of the plot, but on the side of good are the following: Michael Caine as the trusty butler Alfred, Katie Holmes as love interest Rachel, Liam Neeson as mentor Henri Ducard, Morgan Freeman as former Wayne Enterprises board member and Gary Oldman as Lieutenant James Gordon.
Of course, Batman’s life would be hollow without the bad guys, who include: Ken Watanabe as Ra’s Al Ghul, Tom Wilkinson as crime leader Falcone, Rutger Hauer as a businessman who has designs on Wayne Enterprises and Cillian Murphy as the Scarecrow.
The latest of the Batman adventures is scripted by David Goyer and Christopher Nolan, who will direct. Goyer also wrote big-screen adaptations for the “Blade” trilogy.
Get your fill of the trailer now at, since the film isn’t scheduled for release until June 17, 2005.