Will it be on basic cable?

CRTC approves Al-Jazeera network
OTTAWA (CP) — The Arabic Al-Jazeera network has been cleared for viewing by Canadians.
In a decision bound to stir controversy, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, the federal regulator, granted the network approval Thursday for distribution by cable companies.
While cable companies want the network, the Canadian Jewish Congress and others argue that Al-Jazeera, often called the CNN of the Arab world, broadcasts anti-Semitic programs.
Support for broadcasting the network came from the Canadian Cable Television Assoc., including the powerful Rogers Cable, in part because the network can be picked up now using “grey-market” technology that the CRTC considers illegal.
Al-Jazeera broadcasts 24 hours a day from Qatar on the Persian Gulf.
The network regularly receives video and audio tapes said to have come from al-Qaida mastermind Osama bin Laden and other prominent terrorists in the Middle East.
While the CRTC approved the Arabic network, it turned down an application to offer Italy’s RAI International as a digital specialty service through cable or satellite.
More than 100,000 Italian-Canadians signed petitions favouring the RAI application to broadcast 24 hours a day in Canada.