Welcome back, Gordon!

Lightfoot’s surprise return to the stage
ORILLIA, Ont. (CP) ó Gordon Lightfoot performed Sunday night for the first time since being knocked down by an aneurysm in 2002.
The impromptu performance came at the Mariposa Folk Festival, after a couple thousand fans were told not to leave at the end of a Gordon Lightfoot tribute.
What the audience didn’t know was that Lightfoot was backstage, ostensibly to hear the other musicians perform his songs.
When organizers asked if he would make an appearance onstage to say hello to the crowd, Lightfoot said he would sing too.
“I’ll just have John (Andersen, Lightfoot’s driver) get the guitar out of the car,” he told a stunned group that included musicians and festival organizers.
The crowd was on their feet instantly with a loud standing ovation for what would turn out to be Lightfoot’s first public singing appearance since he was stricken with an aneurysm while performing at the Orillia Opera House on Sept. 7, 2002.
The Canadian legend left the stage with a bow after playing just the one song ó ‘I’ll Tag Along.’
The singer said he hoped to resume performing in a couple of months.