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The Couch Potato Report – June 22nd, 2004
This week in The Couch Potato Report, there’s two films that are destined to become cult classics.
Some films that come out in theatres donít do well.
Those same films are hugely successful once they are available on video and DVD.
The best example of that is the original AUSTIN POWERS movie.
It made less than $54 million dollars when it was released in theatres, but was so successful on video and DVD that the studio green lit a sequel.
The second film turned out to be more popular than the original, grossing $54.7 million in its opening weekend on the way to a box office gross of over $200 million.
This week, you can add two more recent theatrical mis-fires to that list: Johnny Deppís SECRET WINDOW and BAD SANTA, starring Billy Bob Thornton.
Iíll begin with the less than good SANTA.
And I donít refer to it as less than good just because the film is called BAD SANTA, but also because the film itself is less than good. Sure its funny, but I doubt anyone will ever say its a good movie.
But BAD SANTA instantly qualifies as a cult favorite because this movie is going to quite well in the company of people’s homes where they can laugh without feeling bad for doing so.
And you will laugh because BAD SANTA has some great comedic moments. At times it is, plain and simply, a comedy without compromise.
Billy Bob Thornton plays a hard-drinking, chain-smoking, foul-mouthed thief who targets a different department store every holiday season. Each year he gets the job as the storeís Santa while he cases the joint with his dwarf elf-partner.
The movie also stars Bernie Mac from OCEANS 11, the lovely Lauren Graham of GILMOUR GIRLS, and the late John Ritter in his final film.
BAD SANTA is an anti-holiday film that is not for everyone.
This is a black comedy. If you have a dark sense of humor, you will enjoy it. If you donít enjoy comedies that push the limits, then donít watch it.
One thing is for sure, you donít have to rush out today to check this film out. Its
cult status will ensure that it is around for years.
Just like the film SECRET WINDOW will be.
This newest release from PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN star Johnny Deep has several things working it its favour to ensure it becomes a cult classic. Among those are Depp’s quirky performance, a score by Philip Glass and the fact that it is based on a short story by Stephen King.
In SECRET WINDOW, Depp plays a writer who is divorced and depressed. He’s stuck at an isolated cabin and he begins to lose lucidity when a stranger arrives, accusing him of plagiarism.
If youíve seen commercials for this movie, let me tell you right now that it isnít as scary as it looks to be. It is actually more of a suspense film.
SECRET WINDOW isnít a great film, but if you like a movie to keep you guessing, this is the film for you.
Plus, ten years from now when this picture has the aura of OFFICE SPACE or RED DAWN, you can tell everyone that you saw it when it first came out. Maybe not in theatres, but at least during the first week it was on video and DVD.
BAD SANTA and SECRET WINDOW are available now on video and DVD. For that matter, so are cult classics AUSTIN POWERS, THIS IS SPINAL TAP, OFFICE SPACE, HEATHERS, WITHNAIL & I, RED DAWN, REPO MAN and CABIN BOY.
In the drama COLD MOUNTAIN Jude Law plays a wounded soldier who is struggling to get home to Nicole Kidman, his more than beautiful sweetheart. You will also be strugglingÖto get through the whole movie. Ouch is it slow! Renee Zellweger also stars and she won an Academy Award for her role as Ruby.
BARBERSHOP 2: BACK IN BUSINESS sees the barbershop crew dealing with a new shop on the block. Ice Cube, Cedric The Entertainer and Eve all return from the original.
Not surprisingly, the 3-disc box set entitled SOUTH PARK ñ THE COMPLETE FOURTH SEASON features the complete fourth season of the still funny TV show South Park.
Finally next week,
THE PERFECT SCORE tells the story of six students who band together to cheat on their SAT tests. The cast includes young and up and coming starlets Scarlett
Johansson and Erika Christensen, but you wonít care. Call this one THE PERFECT SNORE.
Iíll have more on those, and some other releases, in seven days.
For now, that’s this week’s COUCH POTATO REPORT.
Enjoy the movies and I’ll see you back here next week on The Couch!