You Will Believe A Man Can Fly…Badly
Another 80’s superhero is headed for DVD, but without the great legs. GREATEST AMERICAN HERO scribe Stephen J. Cannell (21 JUMPSTREET, HUNTER) has inked a deal that will have Anchor Bay bringing the first season to DVD later this year, or early 2005.
The show starred William Katt as Ralph Hinckley, a schoolteacher given a special suit by aliens that gave him superpowers. Unfortunately, Ralph loses the manual and spends most of the series crashing into things. Despite the goofy premise, the mixture of drama, comedy, and a great script took the show through 45 episodes counting the pilot.
GREATEST AMERICAN HERO ran for three seasons, from 1981-1983 and co-starred Robert Culp (TURK 182) and TV movie queen Connie Sellecca as Ralph’s confidantes.