Hee hee hee! She was on her knees!

Britney Spears Undergoes Knee Surgery After Injury
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Pop princess Britney Spears underwent arthroscopic knee surgery in New York on Wednesday after injuring herself during a late-night video shoot, according to her record label.
Spears, 22, had just completed a scene with rap star Snoop Dogg for a video of her latest single, “Outrageous,” and was doing choreography under the L Train line on Roosevelt Avenue in Manhattan when her left knee gave out, Jive Records said in a statement.
“She obviously took a wrong step and blew out her knee,” a spokeswoman said. “It was an old dance injury.”
The mishap occurred at 11:30 p.m. on Tuesday, and Spears was taken immediately to a local hospital, where doctors performed an MRI scan and found floating cartilage in her knee, Jive said.
The spokeswoman said there was no immediate word on the outcome of the surgery.
A previous knee injury while performing in Illinois forced the singer to cancel some concert dates earlier this year.