She can have some of mine!

Nicole Kidman May Need Padding for ‘Producers’ Role
NEW YORK (Reuters) – Rail-thin, but sexy, Nicole Kidman will need a little help making the transformation to a buxom Swedish secretary for her next role with Matthew Broderick, in the film version of Mel Brooks’ stage hit “The Producers.”
“Mel says we’ll pad her,” said Broderick. “I think we should pad her, I guess.”
Broderick also stars with Kidman in the updated, dark-comedy version of “Stepford Wives,” a film he was promoting on Thursday in advance of its opening next week.
Kidman’s slim, fashion-model frame is shown to advantage in her “Stepford Wives” role as Broderick’s wife. For “The Producers,” she will be play statuesque Swedish secretary Ulla, whose bountiful bosom inspires numerous jokes in the Brooks farce.
Broderick will be reprising his role as meek accountant Leo Bloom in “The Producers,” opposite Nathan Lane, who created the stage role of devious Broadway producer Max Bialystock.
“She could look like a Swede. She’s psychotically tall, which I think will be good. I think it’s a good part for her. I can’t wait. I think she’ll be great,” Broderick said.
Kidman said Broderick helped bring her into the project during their work together on the “Stepford” movie. The new Brooks film is set to begin shooting in February.
Physical augmentation for a film role would not be entirely new for Kidman, who had a prosthetic nose put on her face for the 2002 movie “The Hours.” The Australian beauty won an best-actress Oscar for her portrayal of writer Virginia Woolf in that film.