The CD is great. Good chapter, Lenny!

Kravitz Says Album Is New Chapter in Life
LOS ANGELES – Two years after dropping out of the music scene, Lenny Kravitz says he has begun a new chapter in his life ó a new album titled, “Baptism.”
“I feel like the last record closed a chapter, a big chapter in my life, and this is the beginning of another one,” he told The Associated Press in a recent interview. “I feel reborn, I feel great. I feel like it’s my first record again.”
Kravitz said he took a break from recording and touring for a more important job ó taking care of his family.
“Being a dad comes first and that’s the most important thing,” he said. “It’d be a shame to be a great musician and whatever, but not to take care of your kid, that ain’t happening.”
Kravitz said he has been trying to keep a low profile, but it’s been difficult with his relationship with Nicole Kidman making tabloid headlines.
“Sometimes it’s in your face, but you know, people make up what they want, they write what they want, they lie,” he said. “I just try to keep stepping.”