Comic Book Giveaway on ‘Punisher’ Opening Day
LOS ANGELES ( – It’s a comic book lover’s dream come true.
When Lions Gate Films’ “The Punisher” debuts nationwide on Friday, April 16, superhero fans will get more bang for their buck. While supplies last, each paid admission for the film will be accompanied by a special giveaway reprint of “Amazing Spider-Man #129” — the 1974 Marvel comic book that featured The Punisher’s first appearance.
The original comic book is currently going for over $900 on eBay.
In the comic, The Punisher is introduced as a one-man army taking on society’s worst criminals. He’s fooled by the villainous Jackal and mistakes Spider-Man for a bad guy. By the end, the two vigilantes realize they’re on the same side and part ways to fight crime in America.
“From that first appearance … Marvel readers responded very strongly to The Punisher, so much so that he earned his own comic,” says Avi Arad, the film’s producer and CEO of Marvel Studios. “We think the movie ‘The Punisher’ — not to mention Tom Jane’s incredible performance — is going to make an equally lasting impression.”
In the film, Jane stars as Frank Castle, an ex-Delta Force operative who seeks vengeance for losing his family. With no superpowers and only his intelligence, training and fury on his side, Castle transforms into a merciless vigilante known as The Punisher.
“Punisher” also stars John Travolta, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, Roy Scheider and Samantha Mathis.