If this is true, I hope they make it less boring than this year has been because it has been boring!!

Garner: Alias returning next season
ABC hasn’t officially announced its fall programming, but “Alias” star Jennifer Garner says you can count on seeing her spy series in the network’s lineup.
“We are coming back for next year, which we are thrilled about,” Garner told “I don’t know if it’s announced, but I’ll be back.”
Garner, who plays CIA agent Sydney Bristow, says the show has hired new writers and new cast members for the next season.
“Alias” has been beloved by critics, but this season has only ranked 73rd overall in the Nielsen numbers.
Garner is in the middle of promoting her upcoming movie “13 Going on 30” and training for “Elektra,” where she will reprise her “Daredevil” role.