He’s just a Soprano, and everywhere he goes, people know the part he’s playin’.

David Lee Roth to Appear on ‘Sopranos’
LOS ANGELES – There’s another “isn’t that so-and-so?” cameo coming up on “The Sopranos”: Former Van Halen lead singer David Lee Roth makes a quick appearance in this Sunday’s episode.
Roth and his wild long, white hair are playing cards with Tony Soprano and a bunch of Soprano’s cronies, including Silvio ó played by another musician, E Street Band member Steve Van Zandt.
The singer tells Rolling Stone, “You know 20 years ago, Tony Soprano was driving around Jersey in his Iroc-Z just blasting the Van Halen.”
Meanwhile, Van Halen’s Web site posts cities where the band will perform, with a promise of “more info coming soon!!”
However, the posting doesn’t say which of Van Halen’s three singers ó David Lee Roth, Sammy Hagar or Gary Cherone ó will be fronting the band. The biographical information section lists only the Van Halen brothers ó drummer Alex and guitarist Eddie ó and bassist Michael Anthony.
Publicists for Roth and Hagar did not respond to requests for comment.