Ronnie, we’re glad you’re still with us!

Rolling Stone Wood Admits He’s Lucky to Be Alive
LONDON (Reuters) – Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood, whose drug and drink fueled lifestyle is the stuff of legend, is surprised he did not die 26 years ago around the time close friend The Who drummer Keith Moon overdosed.
“I should have died around when Keith Moon did in 1978,” Wood, 56, told Britain’s Sunday Mirror newspaper. “Yeah, because me and Keith, we were hitting it really hard.
“I used to say to Keith, ‘You’re meant to take one of those tablets, not the whole bottle.’ Keith would take literally a whole bottle of Valium. So it didn’t surprise me when he died, when he OD’d.”
Doctors have told Wood if he does not quit his 30-a-day cigarette habit he is at risk of catching the respiratory disease emphysema.
“The doctors said that if I give up smoking now I can nip it in the bud — I still have powerful lungs. But they say if I smoke for another year, I could get emphysema and — boom — my lungs could collapse,” Wood told the Sunday Mirror.