Dave was number 11?!?! Will Sheila Copps please demand a re-count!?!?!?

Magazine Names Chris Rock As Funniest Man
NEW YORK – He’s not on television regularly anymore, but Entertainment Weekly has judged Chris Rock to be the funniest man in America.
The 38-year-old comedian is now on a stand-up concert tour, which will culminate in an HBO special.
“Watching Rock in 2004 ó 21 years into his comedy career ó is like watching a great prize-fighter in peak condition,” the magazine said.
Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart was second on Entertainment Weekly’s list of the 25 funniest Americans, and Will Ferrell came in third.
Larry David, Dave Chappelle, Ellen DeGeneres, Bill Murray, Jim Carrey and Jack Black also were praised by the magazine.
And here’s a Top 10 list David Letterman isn’t going to like: He was No. 11. Of course, it might make him feel better to know Jay Leno wasn’t mentioned at all.