Dan’s final thoughts on the Oscars

Billy Was Great, Too Bad For Bill
It was a welcome sight to watch Billy Crystal hosting the Oscars again. After the okay job that Steve Martin did – versus the abortion that was the Whoopi Goldberg years – Billy proved why he is the Academy’s go to guy right now.
Will he be back next year? Yes, unless he says no thanks.
As for Bill Murray’s loss to Sean Penn, Penn won because he has a career that people in Hollywood respect and he has never won. Putting my adoration for Bill Murray and “Lost In Translation” aside, Bill’s performance was much better than Penn, but Penn has been better longer.
Bill Wins Next Time
You can guarantee that the next time Bill has a performance that isn’t necessarily Oscar-worthy, he’ll be nominated and he’ll win. The Oscar owes him now and they will make good.
I, for one, can’t wait. Both until next year’s Oscars and for the day when Bill Murray finally wins.