Starring Jason Mewes as Kato?
Miramax has tapped Kevin Smith to write and direct a feature film version of the classic tv show THE GREEN HORNET.
The show centered around Britt Reid (Van Williams), that by day is the millionaire publisher of The Daily Sentinel, but by night fights crime as The Green Hornet, alongside his trusty butler Kato (Bruce Lee).
“I dig the fact that he kicked off a run of billionaire playboys who decided to put on a mask and fight crime, and that he was Batman before there was a Batman,” said Smith, speaking of the central character, which was created in 1936.
Smith says he never expected to dircect a film about a comicbook character, but he made an exception because the character isn’t as well known. “I always said I’d never do one, based on my limited experience writing on SUPERMAN and having to answer to the studio, the producer, the comics company and eventually a director,” Smith said. “Then there’s a fandom that gets up in arms if you even try to stray from their character. Here, there is simplicity in the character and the situation.”
“Equally important, the only person I have to answer to is [Miramax honcho] Harvey [Weinstein], with whom I’ve made four movies. This is the only circumstance that led me to take on a comicbook movie, and something so big.”
“His work demonstrated his continued growth as a filmmaker, and we have no doubt that he will tackle this franchise for us in a compelling and entertaining way,” Weinstein said, having recently watched Smith’s upcoming JERSEY GIRL.
“Kevin knows more about comic characters, books and the creative process than anyone else I have ever met.”
There are no deals in place yet for stars, but Smith says that he is interested in actors that were formerly attached to the project, including George Clooney as the Hornet and Jet Li as Kato.