Ewwwww! Who’d wanna see that?!?!

Terri Clark turns down Playboy offer
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Country singer Terri Clark is keeping her hat — and her clothes — on.
The Alberta-born Clark, whose hits include the No. 1 song I Just Want to Be Mad, said Tuesday that she has rejected an offer to appear on the cover of Playboy magazine for the May music issue.
“I’m mostly just a regular ol’ girl who likes to have fun, play her guitar, drink some tequila, hang out with my friends. Exotic beauties and total sex pots get asked to do the cover of Playboy, not girls like me,” Clark said in a statement.
The singer, who usually wears a cowboy hat while performing, said she was pleased that Playboy realized “I’m not typical and the experts evidently saw something in me that said a normal-size woman can be sexy.”
Ultimately she didn’t think the appearance was right for her image, she said.
“But for me, even as full-tilt as I am, there are just some things I can’t quite get comfortable with,” she said.