Here’s a fish tale for you.

No Sushi at the Governor’s Ball, ‘Finding Nemo’ Directors Ask
LOS ANGELES ( – They guys who co-directed “Finding Nemo” got two phone calls with good news Tuesday morning.
First, that their Disney/Pixar blockbuster has become the first animated feature to pass the half billion mark, and second that their movie has four Academy Award nominations.
“We’re just hoping they don’t serve fish at the Governor’s Ball,” laughs Lee Unkrich, co-director of the animated film which has already been declared the most money-making feature ‘toon in history and last year’s biggest hit.
“We always believed we had a special story on our hands, but we certainly never dared to dream it would reach such heights,” Unkrich says in a phone interview with “Receiving this Oscar nomination is the icing on the cake of an incredible year.”
The story of the lost little clownfish who is being searched for by his dad (voiced by Albert Brooks) and a forgetful fish named Dory (voiced by Ellen Degeneres), has a best original screenplay nomination as well as best sound editing, best musical score and best animated feature.
The film boasts $504.7 million worldwide and is the first animated feature to ever pass the $500 million mark overseas. It is fast approaching “Independence Day,” the No. 8 placeholder.
Pixar is responsible for other CGI-animated films “Toy Story” and “Monsters, Inc.”
“Years ago we took a conscious risk to make a different kind of film than we had before – something very emotional, with less humor, more character, and extremely personal, all the while worrying that these ingredients might shrink our audience. To see ‘Finding Nemo’ do the exact opposite, and then end up with several Oscar nominations is beyond belief and oh so rewarding,” says co-director Andrew Stanton. “Drinks are on me tonight.”
On Sunday, Feb. 29, “Nemo” competes with fellow toons “The Triplets for Belleville” and “Brother Bear” for the best animated film Oscar.