Smith is da bomb, yo!

Smith Not Afraid of Big, Bad Weinstein
LOS ANGELES ( – Don’t mess with Miramax chief Harvey Weinstein or you’ll have to contend with director Kevin Smith.
Smith, who got his Hollywood break when Miramax backed “Clerks” in 1994, sent a release to the press recently, defending Weinstein.
“[Rather] than jump on the recent bandwagon of unloading a character assassination sniper rifle into the Kevlar-tempered hide of perhaps the only truly interesting Suit [in Hollywood],” says Smith, “I’d like to defend a man I respect, love, and would take a bullet for: the last, great movie mogul.”
Smith begins by addressing the co-chairman’s notorious temper, which the director has witnessed personally on more than one occasion. Despite being on the receiving end of Weinstein’s wrath, Smith says that he is more than happy “to wear a spit guard on occasion.”
“So he blows his top inappropriately from time to time,” says Smith. “Big deal. He’s the only non-actor personality in this business I know who people will still be telling stories about generations from now, marveling at his repertoire.”
Smith backs his claim and counters statements calling Weinstein a sellout by pointing to films such as “The Magdalene Sisters,” “Citizen Ruth” and “Dirty Pretty Things.” In the same breath the director defends himself against the epithet, explaining, “‘Sellout’ is the cry of the garage band fan who wants to keep a good thing to himself; the kinda folks who’d govern your growth by insisting you never diversify.”
Smith concludes his eloquent diatribe with words that he imagines Weinstein would utter: “‘Jersey Girl.’ In theaters everywhere, March 19.'”
“Jersey Girl” stars Ben Affleck, his ex Jennifer Lopez and Liv Tyler. 2004 marks the tenth anniversary of Smith’s working relationship with Miramax. To experience his tirade in its entirety, visit the director’s View Askew website.
the director’s View Askew website.