If you can find me one, I will make it worth your while!! If you can find me two, well…the sky’s the limit!!

Ed Wood Delayed (Again)!! Those Bastards!!
The now delayed Ed Wood: Special Edition was shipped to stores. Some locations have already been selling their shipments of the disc from distributors.
Yes the disc, originally scheduled for release on February 3rd, is already in stock in some store’s back rooms.
However, I have confirmed with the studio that the disc has been indefinitely delayed, so we expect that the disc will get recalled soon and stores will have to return their shipments.
No doubt some copies will escape and find their way to eBay. The ones currently listed are now selling for upwards of $70 (U.S.).
So if you see one, or better yet if you see two, grab them for me for personal use. They will not end up on eBay. They will be given good homes.