“The Wind” is my favourite CD of 2003.

Warren Zevon Special to Come Out on DVD
LOS ANGELES – The story of Warren Zevon’s last album will expand when it hits DVD in March.
A VH1 special about the making of “The Wind” that aired in August will be released by Artemis Records on DVD with extra footage, Jordan Zevon, Warren Zevon’s son, told The Associated Press on Monday.
“They’re all moments that are uncut,” said Zevon, executive producer of the album. “They’re not edits-together for the sake of time and go from bit to bit, they’re actually just little moments in the making of the record.”
Zevon said the DVD will include full interviews with musicians such as Bruce Springsteen that show his father’s true personality.
“You got some extra questions and just got to know his sense of humor,” he said.
Warren Zevon, known for witty and dark songs such as “Life’ll Kill Ya,” “Werewolves of London” and “Excitable Boy,” lost a yearlong fight against lung cancer Sept. 7 at age 56.