There is a trailer for the film on the new “Seabiscuit” DVD!

The List Is Life
The last remaining major Steven Spielberg film not yet released on DVD, Schindler’s List will celebrate its tenth birthday in 2004, and buzz continues to rage on the Internet about a pending DVD release. Recent overseas adverts have indicated a release date in early March, but so far Universal Studios Home Video has remained mum on just what, if any, their plans are for the release.
But longtime Spielberg publicist Marvin Levy did have a few words to say about the rumors, confirming that those looking forward to an imminent DVD release in honor of the 10th anniversary of the Academy Award-winning masterpiece are “on the right track,” although both Spielberg and the studio are “not yet certain about a specific date.”
And what of extras, including a long-rumored extended cut of the film with deleted material? Although a few of the director’s earlier DVD releases have included deleted material, such as JAWS, or extended versions, including both 1941 and Close Encounters, “You know where Steven is on deleted scenes at this point,” Levy elaborate, adding that Spielberg “does not what to get into [a situation of], ‘I could have put this in and here’s why.’ Or, ‘I love this scene but I had to cut it.’ I wouldn’t bet that, whenever Schindler’s List comes, that you will likely see a deleted scene.”
Also to be absent from the release will be any alternate audio tracks; many had hoped Spielberg that would change his no commentary policy for Schindler’s List, given its highly personal subject matter. But the release wil instead feature another extended documentary, produced by longtime collaborator Laurent Bouzereau. “He gives so much when he does his interviews” that he feels commentaries are redundant, Levy explains, but not before offering one last ray of hope: “That is not to say he won’t someday change his mind.”