I hate to admit this, but Bill may have just blown his chances. To win an Oscar you must shut up and accept the kudos. Dammit!!! He deserves to win!!!!!

Murray Thumbs Nose at Oscar
LOS ANGELES ( – Although he is the critics’ frontrunner for taking home an Oscar for his lead role in “Lost in Translation,” funnyman Bill Murray has no desire to win because awards are meaningless to him.
Additionally, the 53-year-old despises thespians who campaign for award recognition, reports London’s Channel4.
“It’s a really unattractive sight to see an actor or actress who really wants an Oscar. And you often see it on the show, you see their faces and the desperation is so ugly. Desperation is not a quality I long for,” says Murray. “It’s a little bit of a popularity contest, too. Sometimes it’s right, but it’s wrong just as often, so I don’t care.”
Despite his disdain for awards, Murray has already received best actor nods from New York Film Critics Circle and the Boston Society of Film Critics.