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Oscar voters face bevy of movies starring the same actors
LOS ANGELES (AFP) – Oscar voters may think they’re seeing double as they begin considering which stars of the screen to nominate for next year’s movie awards as several actors feature in more than one epic. †
Studios here have been forced to juggle hectic publicity schedules to avoid pitting the same actor or actress against him or herself for awards in separate movies, according to industry press.
Up for possible double consideration for the 2004 Oscar nominations — Hollywood’s highest accolade — are Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman, bad-boy star Sean Penn, actor William H. Macy, Cate Blanchett, Patricia Clarkson and Scarlett Johansson.
The nomination choices will be unveiled in Los Angeles on January 27.
The six actors have starred in at least two Oscar-hopeful films each during 2003, making them eligible for double nominations next year, an achievement notched up by fewer than 12 actors in the awards’ 76-year history.
Australian Kidman, who took this year’s best actress award for her role in “The Hours,” has done turns in “The Human Stain” and in the much talked about “Cold Mountain,” which opens in North America on Christmas day.
Penn, 43, stars in Clint Eastwood’s much talked about movie “Mystic River,” produced by Warner Bros studios as well as in the drama “21 Grams,” the debut film of Mexian director Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu.
Rival Aussie star Blanchett, 34, performed two roles as a slain Irish lawyer in the biopic “Veronica Guerin” as well as in director Ron Howard’s “The Missing” this year.
Up and coming US actress Patricia Clarkson stars in “The Station Agent” and has a big role in “Pieces of April,” both Miramax releases have reportedly had the studio scrambling to avoid a publicity clash.
Newcomer Scarlett Johannson has a major part in Sofia Coppola’s “Lost in Translation,” released by Focus Features, and also stars in “Girl With A Pearl Earring,” also from Focus.
Veteran actor Macy starred in the horse-racing movie “Seabiscuit” and in the gambling flick “The Cooler” that is poised for US release.