To quote Quagmire (from THE FAMILY GUY), “Well, alright!”

Thurman Partakes of Travolta’s ‘Cool’ Chili
LOS ANGELES ( – “Pulp Fiction” dance partners Uma Thurman and John Travolta will reunite on the big screen to take care of business.
The pair will star in “Be Cool,” the sequel to 1995’s “Get Shorty,” based on the novel by Elmore Leonard, according to industry reports.
Travolta will reprise his role as Chili Palmer, a former mobster who discovered a knack for Hollywood wheeling and dealing. In “Cool,” Palmer looks to the music industry for new movie ideas. Thurman plays Edie, a widow who takes over her husband’s record label, crossing paths with Palmer. The pair inevitably runs afoul of Russian gangsters, the law and aspiring entertainers.
Danny DeVito once again portrays actor Martin Weir, and The Rock will play a bodyguard who dreams of stardom.
“Cool” is scheduled to begin shooting in early 2004.
Travolta, 49, will next appear in the comic book adaptation of “The Punisher” next April. Thurman, 33, returns as The Bride in the second “Kill Bill” installment in February, and stars opposite Ben Affleck in John Woo’s “Paycheck,” which opens Christmas Day.