The Simpsons

My ring tone is still “Take Me Out To The Ball Game”

Mmm…Ringtones: Vodafone Inks ‘Simpsons’ Deal
LONDON (Reuters) – There was nary a “d’oh!” heard from mobile phone-using fans of “The Simpsons” on Tuesday, as Vodafone signed a deal to offer ringtones, games and other content from the show.
In a move that would likely be met with a murmured “excellent” from the show’s evil millionaire Mr. Burns, the world’s largest mobile phone company by sales inked an agreement with mobile content firm THQ Wireless and Twentieth Century Fox, the show’s owner.
Terms of the exclusive deal to offer “Simpsons” content to Vodafone customers in Europe, Australia and New Zealand were not disclosed.
The satirical tale of the yellow-skinned Simpson family and their neighbors in the fictional town of Springfield is set to become the longest-running sitcom in U.S. prime-time history this year.
Fox was not immediately available to comment on whether a ringtone of Burns answering the phone with the archaic greeting “Hoy hoy” — the preferred salutation of telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell — would be offered.