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Silver Nixes Possible ‘Matrix’ Sequels
LOS ANGELES ( – “That will never happen,” Joel Silver says on the possibility of any future sequels for “The Matrix.”
While most producers will never say never when talking about future sequels, “The Matrix” producer Silver shot down the idea that Warner Bros. could revisit the futuristic film franchise in the coming years.
However, fans of The Matrix, particularly those who play video games, will find other avenues for the world created in the films to be explored. Silver is currently working on a deal with the Seattle-based video game publisher Ubisoft to develop a multiplayer online game that could be available as early as this summer. The game would continue on the story of the world of “The Matrix,” with Jada Pinkett Smith and Laurence Fishburne’s characters possible involvement.
In addition, Andy and Larry Wachowski, the two brothers who directed the three “Matrix” movies, are also interested in creating another video game around the character of Seraph, who appears in “The Matrix Reloaded” and “The Matrix Revolutions.”
“It’s a moment in the movie where Seraph comes in with Trinity and Morpheus and Merovingian says, ‘Oh, the prodigal son returns!’ And the boys wanted to explore that back-story, so that may be another video game. So there will be other areas of Matrix material, but there will not be any more movies,” Silver told a crowded room of journalists at a press conference Monday morning (Oct. 27).
“The Matrix Revolutions” opens in theaters Wednesday, Nov. 5.