What about Brewmeister Smith!??!

Al Pacino has just won the meanest award in showbiz – his head-busting, coke-snorting gangster Tony Montana from “Scarface” has been named the “Biggest Movie Badass of All Time.”
“This cockroach shoots and shoots, murders his way to a green card, survives a chainsaw attack, whacks his boss so he can have sex with his old lady, snorts coke like he’s breathing air and kills his best friend,” says Maxim magazine.
The mag picks the 25 roughest, toughest characters ever to light up the silver screen in its November issue, and not all of them are men.
In fact, just behind Montana is Sarah Connor, the sexy, butt-kicking mom played by Linda Hamilton in “Terminator 2: Judgment Day.”
“Did our mothers school us in hand-to-hand combat and munitions? No, we had to take piano lessons,” Maxim says.
Bruce Lee’s character Lee in “Enter the Dragon” comes in third, followed by Bill the Butcher, the cutthroat crime boss portrayed by Daniel Day-Lewis in “Gangs of New York,” and Harry Callahan, Clint Eastwood’s shoot-first cop from “Dirty Harry.”
After Harry comes Luke, Paul Newman’s rough-and-tumble prisoner from “Cool Hand Luke”; Mad Max, Mel Gibson’s desert-swelling loner from “The Road Warrior”; and Officer Bud White, the brutal cop played by Russell Crowe in “L.A. Confidential.”
Rounding out the Top 10 is Paul Kersey, Charles Bronson’s vigilante gunman from “Death Wish,” and Shaft, the babe-magnet Harlem detective played by Richard Roundtree.