PULP FICTION 2 anyone?
Surprisingly enough this could well happen. After the success of the original PULP FICTION and RESERVOIR DOGS, it was rumoured that Tarantino would revisit the characters Vic and Vincent Vega in their own movie called, yep you guessed itÖÖÖ..THE VEGA BROTHERS. Well as it was going to be a prequel, which would mean younger brothers and the fact everyoneís getting older, things look to of changed.
Says Tarantino, “That’s something I always planned on doing, but other projects took precedence. Ten years on , John Travolta’s getting older, Michael’s getting older. I don’t think they’d even want to do it. Not that that’s the last hope audiences have of seeing more of Vic or Vincent Vega. There’s an idea I have a Pulp Fiction follow-up. Sequels generally suck, so it’s nothing I want to rush into. But Bottom line the studio wants it, the fans want it. I’m sure I can compromise somewhere. It’d be my way of apologizing for never getting Vega Brothers off the ground I guess. That way, we could get John, we could get Michael, and we could get Sam and Tim…everyone back. It would be interesting to see whatever happened to Jules and his plans to ‘walk the earth’. Hey, just having Michael and John in the same frame would be great. They’re great. But that said, I got to write such a thing”.