Wouldn’t this rock!??!

Kill Bond?
It would seem like Quentin Tarantino would like to get hold of that 00 licence to kill!
He doesnít want to create some new adventure though, he wants to remake CASINO ROYALE. This would be really interesting, as this is the only Bond book not to be made as part of the big franchise. Itís only venture to the silver screen was as a campish spoof in 1967.
“Someday I’m going to get the rights to do CASINO ROYALE, the first James Bond novel, and do it the right way,” he told the New York Daily News.
“I wanted it to be the follow-up to PULP FICTION and do it with Pierce Brosnan, but have it take place after ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE, after Bond’s wife, Tracy, has been killedÖÖFrom what I know of Brosnan, I think he’d want to go in the direction I’d want to take Bond,” Tarantino said. “Though I’m not sure the producers of the series would agree.”