This sucks! I want my Van Halen!!!

Sammy Hagar Says There Is No Van Halen Right Now
Former Van Halen vocalist Sammy Hagar told Goldminemagazine that at this point in time, “there is not a Van Halen.” He said that bassist Michael Anthony has had no contact with guitarist Eddie Van Halen or drummer Alex Van Halen for a year, and that Eddie himself “hasn’t played music for I don’t know how long.” While he says that the Van Halen brothers are both still capable of putting together a great musical project, Hagar added that, “If there’s no Sammy, no Mike, or no David Lee Roth…that is not Van Halen.”
Toto guitarist Steve Lukather, responding to a fan question on his band’s
official website,, wrote that Van Halen has “an amazing record in
the can and…are still looking for THE lead singer.” Asked if he would
consider taking the job, Lukather added, “I don’t think I am the right guy,
nor would I want the media heat and hate that would come my way.”