This saddens me. He will be missed. Rest In Peace, Warren!

Singer/songwriter Warren Zevon dies
Warren Zevon, who struggled with terminal cancer while finishing his latest album, The Wind, died Sunday in his sleep at his home in West Hollywood, Calif., a spokesman said.
Zevon was 56.
He was the author of such wry tunes as Werewolves of London and I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead.
His illness, diagnosed a year ago, resonated in the lyrics of his new album. He beseeched in the fragile Please Stay, “Will you stay with me to the end?”
Zevon succumbed to mesothelioma, a rare lung cancer usually linked to asbestos.
Housebound because of his illness, Zevon finished The Wind by recording his last session at his home. He lived long enough to see his daughter Ariel give birth to twin boys in June.