Breakfast was “on” Ah-nold

Schwarzenegger Hit by Egg at California Campaign Rally
LONG BEACH, Calif. (Reuters) – Film star Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was accused of ducking a debate with his rivals while running for California governor, could not dodge an egg on Wednesday as he arrived for a campaign rally at a college campus.
But the “Terminator” star, who shrugs off flying bullets in his hit movies, also refused to let the egging slow him down.
Schwarzenegger was pelted with the egg by an unknown assailant as he strode to the stage at California State University, Long Beach, south of Long Beach.
It splattered his tan jacket and he wiped if off without pausing or breaking stride, then handed the yolk-stained garment to an aide and addressed a boisterous crowd of students in his shirt-sleeves.
“This guy owes me bacon now,” Schwarzenegger told reporters later as he laughed off the incident.