C’mon c’mon Bryan! Give us some new tunes!!

Bryan Adams Says New CD/DVD Started Live On TV
Bryan Adams hasn’t released a studio album since On A Day Like Today in 1999. But he is promoting a new project, Live At Budokan, a CD and DVD that was recorded June 15 and 16, 2000, in Tokyo.
Adams told LAUNCH that the concerts were initially filmed only for broadcast in Japan, but he decided he wanted the rest of the world to see it. “It started out as a TV show in Japan, and when I saw the results of the tape, I really liked it, and then just spent, you know, like, two years trying to buy it from NHK, which is the TV company, or get permission to use it,” Adams said. “After that, we just basically put together the show and the DVD and everything, and I think it’s a really cool show.”
The Live At Budokan CD features 15 songs, while the DVD includes the entire 22-song show that was aired on Japanese TV, plus four bonus tracks.
Adams is nearing completion of his next studio album, which he hopes to release before the end of this year or in early 2004.