Happy Anniversary, Dave!

In a rare on-air acknowledgement, David Letterman will celebrate his 10th anniversary on CBS tonight.
But it appears Dave and the producers of “The Late Show” ó who traditionally underplay things like anniversaries ó are being dragged to the party.
“I really think that CBS is acknowledging what an accomplishment it is to be on the air for 10 years,” says executive producer Rob Burnett. “Obviously in Dave’s case it’s really 22 years.”
As various landmarks for Letterman have come and gone ó such as his 20th anniversary hosting a TV show (including his old NBC gig) ó he rarely acknowledges them on the air with more than a wink and a nod, much less devote portions of his show to it.
Letterman joined CBS as the host of “The Late Show” in 1993 after a tumultuous battle with NBC management over who would become the host of the “Tonight” show when Johnny Carson retired.
Tonight’s broadcast will feature one of Letterman’s favorite guests, actress Bonnie Hunt, standup comedian Don Gavin, a special 10th anniversary edition of the running sketch “Know Your Current Events” and a 10th anniversary-themed Top Ten List.
“The anniversary will be mentioned, but it’s not exactly like we have a gigantic extravaganza planned,” Burnett said.