Star Wars: Episode III Spoilers!!!

During a chat session on STARWARS.COM – Producer Rick McCallum has revealed several tidbits of the upcoming STAR WARS: EPISODE 3; including the fact that 80 pages of the 129-page script are already in the bag and the shoot is a full two days ahead of schedule. Among the complete scenes are no less than three separate lightsaber fights. Anakin not only receives the name Darth Vader in the film but we’ll also discover the name’s relevance – oh and he’s going to lose a few more body parts before the film’s out. Luke and Leia will make an appearance (in infant form). Emperor Palpatine will demonstrate his mastery of the Dark Side of the Force. The ending of the film will be decidedly downbeat and, we’re sorry to say, Jar Jar Binks does not suffer a horribly violent death. He also outlined an underwater fight between Obi-Wan and a group of droids and hinted that Yoda may appear on Dagobah by the end of the film.