Who’s her grandaddy?

The Horror
LOS ANGELES ( – Mom was right; it only takes one time. Apparently there’s a really big skeleton in Courtney Love’s mother’s closet. According to insider reports, the Hole front lady and star of “Julie Johnson” and “Man on the Moon” was quite surprised to learn that Marlon Brando is her grandfather.
Love’s mother, Linda Caroll, recently penned an autobiography claiming that the Oscar-winning actor and “Godfather” had an affair with her mother, Paula Fox, and became impregnated. Fox then put Carroll up for adoption.
Caroll reportedly had a DNA test which proves Brando is her father, thus Love’s grandfather.
Aside from a ballpark resemblance to the “On the Waterfront” star, Love and Brando appear to share a few personality traits. Both are known for erratic, volatile behavior and extreme changes in appearance.
Also, Love once threatened a journalist and Brando kissed Larry King on the mouth.