BIG BROTHER 4 SPOILER WARNING!!! – Don’t read this if you don’t want to know!!

The Internet Shows ‘Big Brother’ Competition End
“Big Brother 4” fans and the HouseGuests themselves pulled an all-nighter to find out who would be the winner of a “Big Brother” steel cage challenge and the show’s new Head Of Household.
Bartender Erika Landin was the victor of the marathon Head of Household challenge which started at the end of the Wednesday night live broadcast (10:00 p.m. EDT) on television and ended at approximetely 4:23 a.m. EDT. on the live Internet feeds. The results will not be aired on television until the special edition of “Big Brother 4” on Saturday night.
The HouseGuests were involved in an endurance challenge featuring three linked steel cages. The person who could outlast the other players claimed the Head Of Household title. The idea was to move along in the cages as players quit or were disqualified. The first cage held all six competitors. The second just four and the last just two. No bathroom breaks, eating, drinking or sleeping was allowed.
So important was the Head Of Household title that instead of leaving, HouseGuests Jun Song and Alison Irwin urinated in the cage. Suffering from a headache, HouseGuest Robert Roman was the first person to leave the cage at almost four and a half hours. Jun Song was out shortly thereafter.
With Alison Irwin, Erika Landin, Jack Owens and Jee Choe as the final four in the second cage at five hours into the competition, Jee made a deal with the others to hand the victory to Erika if they promised not to speak a word of it to The Three Stooges alliance. They agreed. Choe and Irwin then waffled back and forth on the agreement. At 4:18 a.m. EDT, Owens left the cage after whispering to his alliance partner Landin. A few minutes later, Choe also quit after Landin and Irwin both agreed not to nominate him this week. Minutes after that, Irwin handed the win to Landin by exiting the cage.
As Head Of Household, Landin will nominate two “Big Brother” HouseGuests for eviction. Her decision will be seen on Saturday night’s special broadcast.
On the live show Wednesday night, Nathan Marlow, the 23-year-old personal trainer from Edmond, Oklaholma, was unanimously voted out of the game and became the second person on the “Big Brother 4” jury.
Though he wheeled and dealed, fighting to the bitter end, Marlow could not convince The Three Stooges alliance to keep him in the game. The Stooges viewed him as a physical threat at the many crucial competitions.
“It is quite the experience. I was hoping to meet with you later on in the game but I made a run at it and I have no regrets. I am happy,”a light-hearted Marlow told “Big Brother 4” host, Julie Chen.
Marlow was irked though that his strongest bond and alliance partner in the house, Alison Irwin, the 22-year-old beauty queen, did not elect to give him a sympathy vote so that his eviction wasn’t unanimous. Marlow had previously won and used the Golden Veto to take Irwin off the nomination block and save her from eviction.
“I know she is a smart player and I felt like she was going to go with the majority to better herself in the game and I understand that. There is no hard feelings towards her,” said Marlow. “I am disappointed in her for the predicament she put me in but she is playing a great game and like I said this is a game and you cant take it personal.”
As promised, the producers brought back the America’s Choice question this week polling viewers on which HouseGuest they feel are deserving of a letter from their loved ones and friends. Unlike previous years, there is no way to vote by telephone. To make their opinion known, fans will have to cast their ballot on the official CBS “Big Brother 4” site.