Sadly, its not about me either.


Dido is keen to quash reports that she has penned a song about her ex-fiance, Bob Page.
It was rumoured that the blonde babe had written the track, White Flag, about the lawyer she dumped in May last year.
“It could not be less about him,” the 31-year-old tells Time Out magazine. “Bob was the love of my life. I wouldn’t drag him into this album in a million years.”
Her first chart hit, Thank You – sampled by Eminem on Stan – was written for the man she planned to marry after he helped her become a full-time singer. The album featuring the song sold 12million copies worldwide.
But Dido says that the new album, Life For Rent, avoids any references to her feelings for Page.
“This time there is no mention of my private life,” she says. “I don’t think it’s fair to drag other people in to it.”