I’m looking forward to this one!

U2 Making Ideas Come To Life On New Album
U2 is currently working on the follow-up album to 2000’s All That You Can’t Leave Behind. In July, Bono told Ireland’s Sunday Independent newspaper that the band is closer than they’ve ever been to getting the sound they want.
“We are getting closer to making the music we have always wanted to make,” Bono said. “There is a difference between the music that you hear in your head and what you put on a CD. Your grasp is sometimes further than your reach, and right now this band is on fire and about to do its best work.”
Reports say the new album will showcase the Edge’s guitar work. Bono told the New York Times, “The songs are very direct. They’re big songs, big melodies and really, some full-on guitar playing by a very frustrated man. [The Edge] is so gifted. If this is a great record, and I really think it will be, it will have a lot to do with him.”
The album is being produced by Chris Thomas, best known for his work with the Sex Pistols, INXS, the Beatles, Roxy Music and Pink Floyd.
Several months ago rumors were circulating that the title of the new album was Solar, but those rumors are untrue.
U2 expects to release their new album in 2004. They’ll follow up the release with a world tour.