I’m not vain, but I do think the song is about me.

Carly Simon Gives Away Who Is ‘So Vain’
EDGARTOWN, Mass. – It’s been a musical mystery for more than 30 years, but an NBC television executive will learn exactly who Carly Simon is singing about in her 1972 hit “You’re So Vain.”
And it only cost him $50,000. Dick Ebersol, the president of NBC sports, put up the money at a charity auction to raise funds for various charities on Martha’s Vineyard.
He won a lunch at Simon’s Massachusetts home, where she’ll perform the song and then reveal its subject. In return, he must swear to tell no one else. The auction winner was revealed on Tuesday’s “Today Show.”
Over the years, speculation has centered on Warren Beatty, who Simon once dated; Mick Jagger, who sang back-up on the song; and James Taylor, Simon’s ex-husband.